Will We Make It Out Alive is a hilarious and educational monthly podcast that engages people, inspires participation in the restoration of the environment, cultivates enhanced use of GIS (geographic information systems) tools, and increases awareness of citizen science opportunities.

You will learn more about current restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest, GIS tools and analysis, and ways you can engage in citizen science, all while laughing hysterically and being highly entertained.  We will provide YOU with opportunities to connect with your community and feel a sense of place while engaging in public service. 

Presenting you with opportunities to do good, not just hear about how other people are doing good.

Whack Fact: GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. GIS allows human cats like me (and you!) to visualize and make sense of geographic (or location-based) information and make more informed decisions based on science. GIS can be used anywhere there is a location (pun intended).



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Protect What You Love!

This is hopefully what you are here for; to listen to our ambling podcast adventures, sharing tales of how your communities are trying to Make It Out Alive. Also decide who’s your favorite cat, Amy the Poop Detective or Jen the Magical Mapper…

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Will We Make It Out Alive is a hilarious interaction between 5-year old butt humor and environmental protection, I would take all of their advice!!!
— Jane D., Seattle, WA
If we are going to make it out alive, we are all going to have to come together and the Poop Detective and the Magical Mapper are just the cools cats to help us get there! I had no idea there were so many fun ways for me to make my community better!
— Stephanie J., Gig Harbor, WA